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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (1.21) 4/

↳ No.

I love how we see in this episode Sam’s loyalty to Dean. we see it here, when it’s really hard to believe John is actually possessed, and Dean doesn’t need to explain much, he says ‘He’s different’  and  that’s enough, that’s good enough for Sam, and it takes him less than a minute to stand beside Dean. 

We will see it later on this episode when John is asking Sam to kill him, Sam is about to do it, until Dean says ‘No Sammy, don’t do it’, and he drops the gun. 

This scene is pivotal to understanding Sam and Dean’s relationship. Despite having seen all their disagreements and differing values throughout the season, Sam relies on Dean and trusts him above anyone. Even in season nine after the worst possible betrayal, after saying that he can’t trust Dean, Sam does, implicitly, he puts his life and well-being in Dean’s hands by continuing to hunt with him. He could try to distance himself and say they weren’t brothers, but nothing really changed. Nothing essential. This is who they are these two boys who grew up with no one to rely on except each other. It’s blind faith, and it’s all they have.

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